Zerodha Review

This is an Unbiased Zerodha Review. Here you will find everything right from platform review
and what actual customers say about it along with Zerodha Kite app review. We will also be
talking about Zerodha’s plan and what it has for us in the upcoming times.

Zerodha was founded in 2010. It has its unique name by the word Zero and “Rodham”
which is a Sanskrit word meaning – Barrier. We can understand this because the founder
Nithin Kamath and Co-founder Nikhil Kamath started it to break the barrier between the
Indian Investors and the stock market. Zerodha was Bengaluru based online broking firm
and the hard work of the Kamath brothers paid well where it is now a Number 1 platform in
terms of active client base. The Kamath brothers achieved the ‘40 and Under Self-made’
rich people title

They intended to make the Trading and Investment to be easy and all done for the people
using Zerodha

Doesn’t it make sense because a huge number of people using Zerodha has this review of
how easy the platform is for them to use? Seems like the Platform did justice to the name.
Zerodha is a revolutionary platform as they are India’s first Discount Brokers. Thus,
Zerodha brokerage rates have always been low and point of attention

About 2 to 3 million trades happen daily on Zerodha and have more than 56+ lakh Active
client base. That blew your mind, didn’t it?

Services Offered

As you know Zerodha is a discount broker which means that they do not provide full
service that includes research over buy and sell recommendations. Zerodha has its unique
flat fee brokerage facility that makes it more used by the customers. Zerodha provides a flat
20 Rs. On per trade and F&O, also charges Zero for Equity. Due to its discount brokerage,
many of the customers are long-term users on this platform.

It is a registered member of NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, CDSL, and SEBI. It provides
multiple account openings for various traders and Investors.

  1. Demat Account – Being a registered member with CDSL it provides a dematerialized form for shares, securities, and mutual funds.
  2. Trading Account – Traders can trade through this account by simply logging in through the Kite web or the App. Trading in Future & Options, Equity, and others can be taken place through this Account.
  3. Mutual Fund Investment – Zerodha has launched a free Mutual fund investment platform Named Zerodha Coin. You can buy and sell funds directly that too for free.
  4. Varsity Mobile - This service by Zerodha is my favorite. Here simple stock market lessons are broken down to provide an easy understanding of complex concepts. The best part is that it’s free. You must check this if some stock market concepts still make you crack your head.
    • IPO Apply
    • Govt. and Bond Security
    • Commodity and Derivatives
    • Currency Trading
    • Future & Options
    • Margin Trading Funding
    • Call and Trade
    • Aftermarket order
    • Small case by Zerodha

These are some of the Key Features of the Broker. Users have also claimed that Zerodha is
best in providing advanced features to their customers. That is the reason why 1 Crore plus
users use their android app

Zerodha provides all this on their online App – Kite. You can download it from the Google
Play Store/ Apple App Store.

Let us discuss in more detail how the Online Trading experience is on The Kite app

Zerodha KITE App

One of the main concerns of any Trader and Investor is the ease of the transaction. This is
the reason for the rise of Broker’s App for Trading and Investment. If you see almost every
broker now has their online presence through Mobile applications.

When it comes to the easy and technologically most Advance broking App, Zerodha Kite’s
name comes first. Over a few years from when the Kite App started, users have seen
improvement and advanced features upcoming for them.

User Interface: Kite is designed in a way that it looks clean and easy to handle for any new
user coming. The transparency they maintain in their fees is also mentioned in
Multiple position Exit: For Traders who need to exit their multiple trades at the same time,
you can do it here at one Single Click.

Sentinel (Alert): One of the most talked-about features which Zerodha has is this Alert
triggered feature that the user gets on their Notification Bar for F&O and many more.

Payment Options: Zerodha allows its users to transfer the funds directly from the UPI or
their trading platform. They do not charge anything for depositing the money. Your bank
transfer can be done by RTGS/NEFT, Immediate Payment Service, and via Cheque.
You do not have to maintain any minimum balance to open the Account.


Pros Cons
Simplified trading for beginners The App covers only Indian Market
Customer service No research recommendations
No Sponsored content Demo Account not available
Easily settled transactions Live Chat facility not available
Live charts  
Simple Overview of Funds and much more  

Zerodha Is planning to cover all the bad experiences of the users and provide them with
decent trading and Investing facility. Though the Broker is well known in the Market they
have a high amount of client acquisition because of their Promising best service.

In short, it is worth exploring this App. For anyone who is an Indian market trader, then this
app is preferable for you so go Open an Account and try it yourself.

What More is Zerodha Planning for Future.

In an Interview - Nithin Kamath, the founder of Zerodha said that as their users increased 4x
post-Covid they are planning to open new and legit options for the new investors and
traders. They know that many of their new users are below the age of 30 and they want
people to understand the value of their platform to create better finance for Individuals.
Their aim is to onboard new investors. Did you know that Zerodha was widely used by
traders and less by Investors? Yes in 2016 when the founders took a close look at why their
platform is majorly preferred by the traders over investors. They knew in a country like
India Investors are more than traders at that time, so they started making their platform more
workable for Investors by introducing Zero Charges and getting attention from many.

They aim to educate people more on how to not make more mistakes on their finances and
are successfully planning this with their foundation “Rainmatter”.

After the Announcement of Budget 2022, the founder took to Twitter to share the
excitement for crypto being finally acknowledged in the budget 2022. This can be a possible
hint that even Zerodha can offer crypto. However, they informed that it will not consider
legal until the bill is passed.

Adding to it he said that Zerodha is ready to offer crypto if SEBI approves. Well, I think if
these unicorns take it over then crypto can be more easily understood and traded by more

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