Best Time To Invest in Stock Market 2022

Most of the people that in which stock market should is better to invest in ?
For your this concern let me tell you That if you want to invest in the stock market of any country, then for that you must have a demat account in that country many demat providers like 'Indmoney' allows you to open a demat account out of India,

So, If you are interested in foreign stock exchanges then you must consider about opening a demat and trading account in that country, But, we recommend that if you are a new trader/investor who doesn't have any good reason to invest out of the country, then you should try to invest in 'India' means in the Indian Stock market like NSE(National Stock Exchange) or BSE (Bombay stock exchange).

According to experts, India is the fastest-growing economy in the world, and that is why India is becoming the first choice of big investors all over the world. For the last few years the number of investors in the stock exchange in India has increased very rapidly and is increasing every day.

Friends, although there are more than 2 dozen stock exchanges listed in India, their market volume is so low that if we look from the point of view of trading then it is insignificant.

So, Let's discuss the two biggest stock exchanges in India BSE and NSE, and both of them are operated under SEBI guidelines, Now from the view of both trading and investing let's find out which one of them would be a better option for you.

Before Starting Let's Know Some Facts about BSE and NSE.

1 Asia's oldest exchange '1875' New kid on the block '1992'
2 5400+ listed companies 2000 companies listed
3 Publicly listed company  
4 website- website-

Although NSE is new in the comparison with BSE, it has several advantages over BSE, which are as follows:

  • NSE has a bigger turnover than BSE, Meaning people buy and sell stocks more on NSE than BSE, around 80% of the market trading volume is on NSE.
  • Liquidity, NSE has higher Liquidity.
  • *Higher Liquidity means Tighter spreads, lower slippage, easy entry and exit on a trade. Liquidity is very important for intraday and swing traders.
  • Trading in Derivatives is also higher in NSE. NSE has 90% of derivative trading volume whereas BSE has only 10% of it.
  • Variety of stocks, here BSE is the winner, as we have seen above, more than 5,400 stocks are registered with BSE, whereas NSE offers only 2,000 stocks so if you are an investor looking for new stock, then BSE would be a great option for you

Conclusion: In our comparison between NSE and BSE we found that NSE would be a much better option for someone in the terms of trading whereas BSE offers more variety of stocks, and would be a great choice for investors.

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