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Share market is one of the most popular trading platforms in India. It is a place where you can invest your money, grow your wealth and make money. Share market is a platform where people who are interested in making money can invest their time and money. Trading in the share market has never been so easy. If you are looking to become a stock market trader then First Demat in Varanasi is the best choice for you for learning stock market courses with live practical classes. The right knowledge will increase your chances of success as a trader.

First Demat provides best training for share trading from basic to advance level and provide online and offline training at low cost. We provide a proper training at affordable price & also give more exposure and guidance in stock market. Our students are satisfied with our training services.

Our training program includes beginner’s level, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, future and option trading and candle stick chart pattern analysis. Our challenging learning environment will help you succeed in the world of share trading and become an expert trader.
At First Demat you will learn from a professional trading mentor, using real time and live market examples. Traders will find out how to choose stocks for long term growth, or profit on the move through futures and options.

At our training center you will get a free demat account with no cost for trading.

We are leading online platform offering share trading training to all segment of investor community. At First Demat we focus on providing quality knowledge and training services, with best practices in the field of stock market training classes. Our trainers have excellent knowledge of the market and business strategies.
We are having a large number of students and we ensure that each of our students receives all facilities provided by us at every step, so that he/she can develop their proficiency in the field of stock market trading. At First Demat we assure that you will get a better understanding of the stock market with our various classes like buy sell tips, fundamental analysis, 3 day seminar & 2 week course etc.
From the beginner’s level to advanced level courses, you will learn how to evaluate the market on weekly basis and make your trading decisions accordingly.

We have well designed study material for each course with learning examples. In addition, you will get practical knowledge through introduction with various tools of technical analysis like charting tools, pivot tools, trend line tools etc. In the course of Fundamental Analysis the basic definition and analysis of balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement is provided to our students with the help of real examples which are illustrated by our expert faculty members.
At First Demat Varanasi we are best trainer of stock market courses in Varanasi because we provide quality and right education to our students at reasonable prices.


Why Join Our Institute First Demat Varanasi

  1. Only live trading institute in Varanasi
  2. 100% practical training
  3. Free Demat Account
  4. Short term courses
  5. Expert guidance
  6. Daily market analysis
  7. Free trial classes
  8. Lowest fees than others institute in Varanasi

Courses We Cover in Share Market Training

Basics of stock market for beginners

In our basic course of stock market a beginner is taught about the place where stocks are bought and sell, stock indices, price determiners differences b/w primary and secondary market. 

Introduction to investment analysis

Investment analysis covers the part of predicting the future performance of a company industry trends and economic cycles. This course help you understand the certain investment opportunity, anticipate future performance.

Fundamental Analysis of Stocks

Here the intrinsic value of stocks is determined for long term investment opportunity. Learning this course is a way to avoid the short term info of a company.

Technical Analysis and its Basics in Stock Market 

Technical analysis is a form of market analysis used by traders and investors to analyze the price trend of a security, commodity or derivative. The main objective of technical analysis is to identify trends in prices, and then use these trends to make predictions about future prices.

Intraday Trading Strategies for Beginners

Here a brief of intraday vs regular trading and right time for entering the market and putting stop loss is taught.

Financial Planning and Analysis Course

This course will help you understand the essentials of financial analysis, equity research, and company valuation, budgeting, performance reporting and forecasting. Analyzing company performance from various perspectives.

Options Trading Strategies Course

Factors affecting options pricing, Options vs Stocks difference

Candlesticks Charts & Patterns

We will explain you how to read candlestick charts and patterns in candlestick charting and stock market with easy step by step guidelines which is very useful in trading, investing and day trading, and finding better trading opportunities. Candlesticks can help you understand when a stock is in an uptrend or downtrend and when it's likely to change direction, or even lead it sometimes!

Takeaway: If you are interested to learn stock market analysis then joins our share market training Institute.

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