Angel One Review

Angel Broking (One) was started in the year 1996, by Dinesh D. Thakkar. Started as Angel
Broking which is now known as Angel One after their rebranding.
Yes! It is now a brand. Every broker has its own set of values and strategies to sustain itself
in the market. Angel One started as a corporate wealth management firm and later expanded
into Commodity and other necessary services.

Due to its experience in the field, it understood the new age investors’ need and started
serving for more options which led them towards the Rebrand to Angel One. They were
first in the market to understand millennial investing.

So, Angel One is now the right and first choice of many young Investors. Now they are
serving the different investing and trading options on their platform. Being a youth, I
understand the change that Stock Market has brought into our Old Investing and Retirement

It was an advantage for Angel One to predict this and make their platform available for all
types of trading/Investment Options. Youth are more driven to them as they did not favor
particular service and were open to changes the market needed.

Services (THEN V/S NOW)

When Angel One started, it incorporated corporate and retail broking, along with wealth
management services. Though they faced loss in the initial years and soon expanded their
services.Angel One has come a far way in expanding its services to all generations of investors. At
present, Angel One provides.

  1. All types of Trading Services
  2. Demat Services
  3. IPO Services
  4. Stock Recommendations
  5. Trading in Commodities and Currency
  6. Monthly Research Report
  7. Loan against shares and much more.


Before diving into the Online Platform that Angel One gives us, it is necessary to know that
Angel One has its own largest chain of Offline branches of about 18,500+ offices.

These branches/sub-brokers provide all investment/trading facilities if you do not want them
on their online platform. Now, let us talk about the Online platform through which Angel
One provides its services to more than 30+ lakhs users.

They have a high client base and no wonder it is the top choice of the investors. Angel One
provides more investing options on their platform and its high user interface attracts traders
to trade smoothly.

Online Trading holds the importance of time and being quick. Angel One provides an easy
process to buy and sell which makes trading even more fun. Right from creating the Demat
account to Selling and buying shares all the process is backed up by responsive Customer

At any step you get stuck, quick customer service is always there to help you. This brings
me to the This platform is the most advanced platform that provides live charts, a variety of
asset trading margin statements, and much more.

The online platform is available for Android and iOs users too.
Key Features of Angle One app

  1. Advisory calls
  2. Online fund transfer
  3. Commodity Trading at MCX & NCDEX
  4. Easy withdrawal of funds with 1 day
  5. Accurate statement E-mails and SMS (Super Transparent)
  6. Live News

Where Angel One is Lacking for the users

Angel One is ahead of other Brokers yet there are few points where users are not very happy
with the app as so.

One of the major concerns of the users is the all-in-one Account for Trading, Demat, and
Saving Account. Angel One may come up with this for the users but as of now, we have to
deal with the Different Accounts for this purpose.

The one problem the users are facing is the after-effects of the Update. Some users are
facing the loss of scrip after the update. While other Brokers provide easy to use “Call and
Trade” facility, Angel One is still not Providing that service.

There is always room for improvement and we hope these small cons will reflect by Angle
One and won’t create more problems for the users. The Broker has many plans for a high
cutting-edge experience for its users and has some progressive plans for the users. Let’s see

Future Growth Plans of Angel One

There has been a good rise in the client base of Angel One post covid. New young Investors
have led Angel One to get more high technology for the users in the coming time. They are
also paying more attention to acquiring consumers through digital space and have done
some heavy investments focusing on providing unbeatable online Trading/Investment

Angel One has seen good growth from tier 2 and tier 3 cities which itself contributes a good
amount of 150% of the clients for Angel One.

The founder- Dinesh Thakkar also stated in an interview that they are looking for an
increasing client base in F&O Sector where they do not have the required to lend to
customers. Their focus is to service the F&O customers well to have them using Angel One
for at least 6-7 years. Angel One is working on a “Super App” that will give the customers a
more personalized form of financing.

While talking about it the founder gave us a clear idea that it is going to be very specific to
the user and will only cater to the needs of individual customers.

Personal financing will be encouraged and served in a way that the end-user is not
overwhelmed by the options but stick to their own needs and demands. Currently, the
Broker firm will focus on increasing the revenue and providing better services, and
increasing in client base.

If we look through the Growth Plan of Angel One, it seems very driving for Traders to
choose Angel One as they have high promising plans for digital Platforms and give their
platform the best and easiest way to invest and trade. All the Future hopes give so much
meaning as we all know the rise of investors and people now contributing to the economy.
We have more such reviews coming up. All honest Broker reviews are on the way.
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